Simmonds Associates works in many settings in relation to commercial and procurement leadership and professional development. We are supporting organisations (NHS, SMEs and Government) wanting to develop strategy and project direction in relation to:

  • public procurement programmes and services
  • innovation procurement
  • social innovation procurement
  • GDPR planning
  • ICT applications and digital infrastructure sourcing and implementation
  • IT commercial management and service delivery management
  • operating the Government Digital Service design manual
  • NHS information services, assurance and governance
  • enlightened commissioning that avoids stifling innovation when commissioning public services
  • procurement and contracting for NHS care services including physical and mental health
  • procurement and contracting for NHS education commissioning
  • e auctions – (offering hosted and self managed services on line, enabling clients to manage their own events)
  • e procurement and e-sourcing
  • procurement in relation to sustainable construction projects
  • programme management

Simmonds Associates is now a sole trader organisation.